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Global Ecocarb Pvt Ltd has developed a novel process to char the coconut shells in a reactor capturing the GHGs and using them under controlled conditions for the production of thermal energy.

Coconut shells contain cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin, with an average composition of C6H10O5, with slight variations depending on the nature of the biomass. Theoretically, the ratio of air-to-fuel required for the complete combustion of the shells, defined as stoichiometric combustion is 6:1 to 6.5:1, with the end products being CO2and H2O.

In this new process the combustion is carried at sub-stoichiometric conditions with air-to-fuel ratio being 1.5:1 to 1.8:1. The gas so obtained is called producer gas, which is combustible. This process is made possible in a device called “char reactor”, in a limited supply of air.
In this process two reactions takes place and they are called, oxidation and reduction processes.

These processes occur under sub-stoichiometric conditions of air with shells. The first part of sub-stoichiometric oxidation leads to the loss of volatiles from the shells and is exothermic; it results in peak temperatures of 800 degrees C and generation of gaseous products like carbon monoxide, hydrogen in same proportions and carbon dioxide and water vapor which in turn are reduced in part to carbon monoxide and hydrogen by the hot bed of charcoal generated during the process of gasification. Reduction reaction is an endothermic reaction to generate combustible products like CO, H2 and CH4 as indicated below.

Since char is generated during the gasification process the entire operation is self-sustaining.

Global Ecocarb Pvt Ltd has developed the state-of-the-art technology where in the shells are fed from the top with twin air entry, re-burn process. This process consists of a fuel and ash handling system, gasification system - reactor, gas cooling and cleaning system. The process is unique to prevent the formation of tar during pyrolysis.

The reactor can be designed to yield 4 to 10 tons per day

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Global Ecocarb Pvt Ltd is willing to partner with like minded companies to share the vision to "eliminate the Green House Gas Emission caused by the pit method of charring coconut shells

Global Ecocarb Pvt Ltd will not only license the technology but also will invest resources to form JV with the right companies to char the shells and even in the activition of the shells.

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